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Looking for new Board Members!

Posted Jun 23, 2021

Looking for new Board Members!

Board of Directors – Position Description
Our Organization
The Alberta Registered Nurse Educational Trust (ARNET) is a charitable organization that has been established for almost four decades. ARNET raises, manages, and distributes educational and soon to be research funding for registered nurses and nurse practitioners across the province of Alberta.
OUR VISION: Excellence in nursing practice, education, and research.
OUR MISSION: Contributing to improved health outcomes for Albertans by funding registered nurses and nurse practitioners’ lifelong learning and scholarly inquiry in nursing education, research, administration, and practice.
Lifelong learning is the cornerstone of professional nursing practice in Alberta.
Research is necessary to advance nursing practice to support the health of all Albertans.
Albertans are primary beneficiaries of nursing education and research.
Our work is enhanced through strategic partnerships and collaboration.
The Mandate
To ensure that ARNET has a clear strategic vision of what it aims to achieve and strong performance management arrangements to fulfill its responsibility to the registered nurses of Alberta and the communities that they serve.
Key Accountabilities of Board of Directors
Strategic Plan and Structure
• To establish the vision, mission, goals and strategic plans to achieve them
• Monitor the performance of ARNET in achieving its mission
• Ensure that the mission and strategic plans are responsive to changes in nursing practice, health care, and continuing education needs of registered nurses and nurse practitioners
• Determine strategic plan activities that will help operationalize the strategic plan
• Ensure the organizational structure is feasible for implementing strategic activities
• Employ an Executive Director (ED) and ensure regular performance evaluations for ED
Performance Management
• Establish and monitor policies governing the provision of educational awards and funding
• Oversee the allocations of educational and research funding
• Monitor trends in applications, funding, and other key activities of ARNET
• Ensures that ARNET is compliant with legal requirements
• Behave ethically in all its actions
• Ensure the organization is acting within the parameters set by ARNET’s governing documents and the Health Professions Act
• Ensure financial health of ARNET
• Ensure financial stewardship of resources
• Ensure that ARNET has sufficient and appropriate human resources
Fund Development
• Participate in fund raising activities and/or partnerships
• Demonstrate leadership by working to grow the necessary funds to carry out the mission of ARNET.
• Enhance ARNET’s public image and serve as ambassadors in presenting the case for giving and donor recognition
• Demonstrate proficient knowledge about the values, mission, activities, and performance of ARNET
• Use various methods of communication such as, in-person meetings/events, and emails/video conference applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and document sharing sites such as Microsoft SharePoint
• Enhance ARNET’s social media presence (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

The ARNET Board of Directors is a governing and working Board that was established to provide support for our very small staff complement. Terms of office for board members take into account succession planning and onboarding needs. We have transitioned to a combination of in-person (when feasible) and online video conference board meetings. At minimum, we have quarterly meetings during the fiscal year.
The ARNET Board of Directors participate in standing committee work in addition to governance meetings. The standing committees meet in-person or via online video conference. The Finance Committee meets quarterly, Allocations Committee and Leadership Review Committee twice per year respectively, and Nominations Committee as needed. Preparation for and action items post meetings are essential and is factored into the overall time commitment expectation for Board members. Estimated time commitments for work pre, during, and post meetings are estimated at 40-60 hours per fiscal year.
This is a voluntary position with no salary replacement, honorarium or per diem costs; approved expenses incurred to participate in the work of the Board will be reimbursed.

Candidate Profile
• ARNET is seeking up to four individuals who are residents of Alberta to join the Board of Directors with experience or interest in one or more of the following areas:
• Financial management and risk oversight in a non-profit organization
• A nursing/health care professional in nursing and/or health care programs in Albertan universities
• Insurance services with a focus on Planned Giving
• Human resources with a focus on compensation experience
• Governance and policy oversight experience
• Sectors/businesses disrupted by technology demographics or funding changes that have successfully pivoted and grew
• Marketing/Communications/Public Relations
• Legal services, with a focus on not-for-profit organizations
• Senior level leadership in healthcare

ARNET values the ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusion and strives to live out the ideals through its structure, governance, and day-to-day work. We welcome and encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds and across Alberta to apply. We want Board Members to represent the very communities we serve. Disbursing funds to nurses dedicated to improving the health of Albertans is very satisfying work to us. We hope you consider joining our team!

For more about us, please visit our website: arnet.ca. For more information on the board work, please feel free to reach out directly to Shireen Bell, Board Chair at Shireen.Bell@rdc.ab.ca or Jananee Rasiah, Director and Finance Committee Chair at: rasiah@ualberta.ca

To apply, please send a letter of interest and resume or CV to contact@arnet.ca. Deadline for applications is Monday, July 12th.