ARNET Scholarships

The ARNET Annual Academic Scholarships are the most prestigious of the educational honours awarded by our charity and are established through the generosity of our donors. ARNET uses a single-application format for our endowed scholarships and awards the funds based on specific donor criteria established for each of the named funds. Once an applicant submits the general scholarship application form, they are automatically considered for all awards for which they are eligible.

List of Named Scholarships

Calgary Health Trust – Florence and Lloyd Cooper Scholarship for Nursing Leadership

The Calgary Health Trust – the Florence and Lloyd Cooper Scholarship for Nursing Leadership recognizes the pivotal role that nursing leadership plays in Alberta’s health system and in the care of all Albertans. The Calgary Health Trust – the Florence and Lloyd Cooper Scholarship for Nursing Leadership was established in fiscal 2019 by the Calgary Health Trust to create a scholarship fund to be distributed by the Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust on an annual and ongoing basis. The generous fund has been established through the estate of Florence and Lloyd Cooper to honour the legacy of the philanthropic couple. The fund will provide annual scholarships to individuals in the areas of Nursing leadership and Nursing research.

In Memory of Florence and Lloyd Cooper

Florence and Lloyd met in 1962 and within a year they became business partners in the planning, building, and managing of Lloyd’s Rollercade; a source of pride and joy for both of them. Lloyd and Flo married in 1981 and enjoyed many years of working side by side at the Rollercade, travelling the world and entertaining family and friends. The couple was well known for their generosity and support of community and health initiatives that impacted the lives of all Calgarians. Lloyd’s Roller rink closed down after 50 years of being a source of joy for so many families. Thanks to this legacy gift- the Calgary Health Trust will continue to empower future generations of registered nurses in memory of a truly remarkable couple, Florence and Lloyd Cooper.

McKay Green Endowment Scholarship

As college educators and lifelong learners and adventurers, Geoff Green and Sheila McKay witnessed first-hand the impact that advanced education had for both their students and the communities that they served. In tribute to their shared passion and commitment to advanced education and the development of educators and community leaders, the McKay Green Scholarship was established in 2016 with the Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust. The significance of continued education to support career goals of becoming an educator or assuming a leadership role is recognized through the selection of an individual whose achievements best reflect these commitments.

Patricia Walker Foundation Scholarship

Generously established by the Patricia Walker Foundation for Childbirth Education (PWF). The fund is established to support advanced educational studies that will enhance practical nursing knowledge specific to childbirth education and maternal and child health nursing. These studies assist registered nurses to recognize and teach the importance of the parents’ roles in pregnancy and childbirth. This scholarship is granted to one person who demonstrates excellence in these areas.

Liz Lemire Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Aplastic Anemia & Myelodysplasia Association of Canada (AAMAC) in memory of Elizabeth (Liz) Lemire, the endowed fund is established as a memorial tribute to the significant role that Liz Lemire played as co-coordinator of the Alberta Chapter of AAMAC and as founder of the Calgary AAMAC patient support group. Liz was a source of inspiration for her family, many friends, and patients living with bone marrow failure diseases.

Soon after getting a diagnosis of aplastic anemia in 2002, Liz began volunteering with the AAMAC by providing encouraging patient support by phone, email, and in-person visits. Liz also felt that education of health care professionals, especially nurses, would be a really good way to provide individual support for patients. Advanced education ensures nurses are able to be effective advocates for their patients.

This scholarship is established as a fitting and lasting tribute to Liz’s memory and in recognition of both her inspiration and dedication to others. It is awarded to an individual who reflects Liz’s dedication to nursing excellence and patient advocacy in the area of aplastic anemia and myelodysplasia.

Gayle Hissett Memorial Scholarship

The Gayle Hissett Memorial Scholarship was established by Gayle’s husband, Gordon, and her daughter, Ashley, to honour Gayle’s passion for nursing and serve as a memorial tribute to Gayle’s commitment to nursing excellence. Gayle was a strong advocate for lifelong learning and incorporated her advanced nursing education and skills into every aspect of her nursing practice. A strong patient advocate, Gayle ensured her patients had both the information and confidence to guide and manage their own care resulting in improved and empowered outcomes. Gayle’s personal commitment to ongoing education was a catalyst to encouraging other nurses to pursue their educational goals and she readily served as a mentor to new and more experienced graduates. The fund that bears her name ensures that her commitment to her patients and colleagues is remembered and cherished. This scholarship is awarded to one person who shares Gayle’s commitment to lifelong learning and nursing excellence.

Chris Lambert Memorial Scholarship

A 1968 graduate from the Misericordia Hospital School of Nursing, Chris Lambert personified the true essence of nursing. A pioneer in patient advocacy, Chris encouraged her colleagues to truly connect with each patient and their families and to trust the patient to take a leadership role in their own health care. Patient focused care; quality of life; palliative care; cultural sensitivity and a multidisciplinary team care approach were all integral parts of Chris’ nursing practice long before they became the focal points of today’s health care system.

A strong advocate for excellence in patient care and best nursing practice, Chris was an outstanding nurse mentor who instilled confidence in her coworkers to recognize that each challenge was an opportunity to grow as a person and as a nurse. She challenged her colleagues to be lifelong learners and to develop the leadership skills necessary to positively influence nursing practice. Competent, energetic, organized, compassionate and intelligent, Chris left an incredible nursing legacy that will be carried on through the scholarship that carries her name. This scholarship is awarded to one person who shares Chris’ extraordinary qualities.

Sisters of Service Scholarship

The fund is established as a centennial tribute to the significant and active role that the Sisters of Service have played in the provision of health care and nursing services within Alberta. Since the turn of the century, the Community was instrumental in responding to the changing needs of immigrants and early settlers. In 1928, the Sisters of Service assumed responsibility for the Edson Hospital in the northwest sector of the province. The Order expanded healthcare supports to northeast Alberta when they founded the Vilna Hospital in 1929. Each of these facilities, combined with the public health services offered, provided essential healthcare and direct nursing supports to settlers who homesteaded the regions and the communities that followed. As communities grew, the Sisters of Service readily responded to meeting changing community needs. Utilizing their expertise and maximizing the resources available, these nursing services were early models for the community based healthcare that Alberta uses today. This scholarship is awarded to an individual who reflects the ingenuity of the Sisters of Service in community or public health nursing.

Jim and Doris Garner Scholarship – Calgary Foundation

This scholarship is directed to support nurses who are advancing their studies and nursing practice in geriatrics and Alzheimer research. The generous support from the Jim & Doris Garner fund will ensure Alberta nurses remain on the leading edge of geriatric patient care and Alzheimer research and education. This scholarship is granted to an individual who shares this same dedication to improving older persons’ care.

Terrill Margaret Bonnah Memorial Scholarship

The Terrill Margaret Bonnah Memorial Scholarship was created in 2017 to commemorate the life of Terrill (Teri) Margaret Bonnah [May 10, 1955, to October 12, 2015] and continue her legacy by supporting ongoing nursing education in Alberta.

Teri was a member of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) for over 30 years, taking great pride in both her affiliation with CARNA and her designation as a Registered Nurse. Lifelong learning played a vital role in the advancement of her nursing career; she took countless courses and workshops to improve both her leadership abilities and her clinical skills, while championing for improvements in patient care, safety, research ethics and the development and use of evidence-based tools. Teri was a trainer and facilitator in the Misericordia Hospital’s Total Quality Improvement program from its early stages and later worked as a Regional Quality Manager for Capital Health/Alberta Health Services. Mentorship of others was a significant component of each position she held, from training new staff to offering career counselling and giving guest lectures to post-secondary students. After retiring from Alberta Health Services, Teri expanded her nursing career into private practice as a certified counsellor and coach, where her skills allowed her to continue empowering others to achieve their goals.

The Terrill Margaret Bonnah Memorial Scholarship serves as a tribute to Teri’s commitment to nursing excellence and is awarded to an individual who demonstrates this commitment.

CARNA TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship

The fund is established by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex to support advanced nursing education studies of CARNA registered nurse members. The CARNA –TD Meloche Monnex Scholarship recognizes superior academic and professional achievement and is a demonstration of CARNA’s and TD Meloche Monnex’s shared commitment to Alberta’s registered nurses and the communities that they serve. Individuals who exhibit these exceptional characteristics are selected to receive this scholarship.

Catherine Dianne Davidson Memorial Scholarship

The Catherine Dianne Davidson Memorial Fund was established in 1984 by her former classmates to honour Dianne’s memory and to provide an ongoing fund for registered nurses committed to pursuing their education in the fields of mental health nursing and family studies. Dianne recognized the diversity of the issues impacting the day-to-day lives of her patients and was committed to ensuring that registered nurses had the educational resources available to them so that they may support their patients in a more holistic manner. Through the establishment and annual awarding of the Dianne Davidson Scholarships, Dianne’s goals have become a reality. An individual who demonstrates Dianne’s commitment to enhanced and improved patient care is selected to receive this scholarship.

Karen Polowick Scholarship

A graduate of the Misericordia Hospital School of Nursing, Karen Polowick’s nursing career spans 41 years with a solid track record of sound judgment, common sense, quality improvement, professionalism and effective handling of difficult situations clearly demonstrated throughout her career. A highly respected registered nurse with a strong combination of governance, administration, clinical and educational experience, Karen held positions with the Royal Alexandra Hospital as a direct care nurse, educator, patient care director and Vice President of Nursing prior to joining Capital Health as a member of the organization’s Board of Directors. In recognition of the legacy that Karen has left for future generations of Edmonton region registered nurses, this scholarship fund was created in her honour, to be awarded to individuals who share her outstanding nursing leadership, research and education attributes.

Saskatoon City Hospital Alumnae Scholarship

The Saskatoon City Hospital Nurses Alumnae Endowment fund was established in recognition of the number of Saskatoon City Hospital graduates who chose to practice nursing in the Calgary region.

The School of Nursing at Saskatoon City Hospital was established in 1910 and the alumnae continued to hold regular reunions after the school was closed in 1969. The founding contribution to the ARNET endowment was made from proceeds of an alumni reunion. This donor group wanted to ensure the legacy of nursing excellence exemplified by the Saskatoon City Hospital graduates continued for future generations of Alberta’s registered nurses. An individual from the Calgary region who reflects this legacy is selected annually to receive this scholarship.

Lethbridge Legacy Nursing Scholarship

The Lethbridge Legacy Nursing Scholarship was established to support graduate level research at the University of Lethbridge that is focussed on healthcare relevant to the Lethbridge community. The research aims to fulfill a critical need in southern Alberta and will have a direct and positive impact on nursing practice and the quality of care in the region. The University of Lethbridge recipient of this award demonstrates superior academic and professional achievement, and is dedicated to improving the quality of care in the Lethbridge region.

Red Rose Scholarship

Through her work as the Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust Executive Officer for 21 years, Margaret Nolan witnessed firsthand the positive impact of donor dollars in advancing nursing practice in Alberta.

Recognizing the importance of the professional and family commitment required to commit to advanced studies, this scholarship is presented to a registered nurse who is beginning Masters level studies and shows promise to become an exceptional member of the nursing profession.  The RN demonstrates strong patient and family advocacy and enthusiasm for the profession.  The professional reference will be given higher priority than academic merit.

ARNET Scholarship

The Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust is exclusively committed to promoting nursing excellence by assisting RNs and NPs in their pursuit of vital lifelong learning and education. The generous support of ARNET donors improves the quality of Alberta healthcare by ensuring RNs and NPs have access to the funds they need to advance their professional development. In light of this mission, the ARNET Scholarship Selections Committee selects an individual with distinguished professional merit and superior academic achievement to receive the ARNET Scholarship.

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