Supports for RNs & NPs

The cost of continued nursing education can be prohibitive.Our charity was established  by  Alberta registered nurses  for  Alberta registered nurses to assist with the escalating cost of educational activities.

Many of our donors are past recipients of ARNET educational supports and recognize how crucial advanced educational activities are to providing excellence in nursing care.

ARNET is proud to provide 2 types of educational funding supports for Alberta’s registered nurses:

  1. ARNET Charitable Grants provide partial funding for self-paid educational activities including specialty nursing certification studies; conference and workshop registration fees and tuition for degree level funding studies.
  2. ARNET’s Annual ACADEMIC Scholarships recognize outstanding academic achievement and professional merit. This highly competitive scholarship review provides supports for RNs completing masters and doctoral level studies in support of their nursing practice.

ARNET is the only registered charity exclusively committed to promoting excellence in nursing by assisting Alberta’s RNs and NPs in your pursuit of vital lifelong learning and education.


ARNET funding recipients can pay-it-forward by becoming ARNET donors today.