The other NP – Nurse Philanthropist. Become one today!

NURSES supporting NURSING – A tradition as old as the profession and just as important today. Becoming an ARNET MONTHLY DONOR – A way to acknowledge the mentorship and support that others have provided to your nursing career while helping others succeed in theirs. Your small monthly donation adds up to big benefits for nursing. Please … Continue reading “The other NP – Nurse Philanthropist. Become one today!”

Dad was right- it doesn’t grow on trees!

But you CAN make money grow and that’s what ARNET does for Alberta’s registered nurses! With the generosity of our monthly donors, our charity takes lots of small donations and makes them grow into BIG benefits for Alberta RNs and the communities that they serve. For as little as $4 each month, ARNET donors can … Continue reading “Dad was right- it doesn’t grow on trees!”

Show your Support!

Support of nursing education has a direct and immediate impact on improved patient care. Your support of our charity ensures that current and future generations of Alberta's registered nurses have access to the continuing education programs that contribute to their nursing practice. [headline_box text="There are many ways you can be involved!" align="Center"] Here's how you … Continue reading "Show your Support!"

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Join us in creating a healthier Alberta through your support of continuing nursing education and Alberta's over 37,000 RNs and NPs. We offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities that provide you with significant profile in both our nursing families and the communities that they serve. [headline_box text="Show your support of Alberta's largest healthcare workforce" … Continue reading "Become a Corporate Sponsor"

Class of 2019

Congratulations to the ARNET Academic Scholars Class of 2019! Please join us in congratulating members of ARNET’s Class of 2019 and in thanking our incredible donors who made this funding support possible! CARNA TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship Katherine Webber Masters, Nursing University of Calgary CARNA TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship Mikelle Djkowich Masters, Nursing … Continue reading "Class of 2019"

Academic Scholarships

The ARNET Annual Academic Scholarships are the most prestigious of the educational honours awarded by our charity and are established through the generosity of our donors. Applications from CARNA members pursuing graduate level nursing studies are accepted each January 1st to March 1st. Applications are now closed for ARNET's 2019 Annual Academic Scholarships Application deadline … Continue reading "Academic Scholarships"

Charitable Grants

ARNET Charitable Grants ARNET provides Charitable Grants for your self-paid continuing nursing education studies. Current RN and NP members of the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) are eligible to apply to our charity for Charitable Grants for self-paid educational costs that support your nursing practice. Please Note: INCOMPLETE or LATE applications will NOT be processed. ARNET has … Continue reading "Charitable Grants"

Supports for RNs & NPs

The cost of continued nursing education can be prohibitive.Our charity was established  by  Alberta registered nurses  for  Alberta registered nurses to assist with the escalating cost of educational activities. Many of our donors are past recipients of ARNET educational supports and recognize how crucial advanced educational activities are to providing excellence in nursing care. ARNET is … Continue reading "Supports for RNs & NPs"

Our Mission

A Canadian registered charity since 1984, ARNET provides educational supports to RN and NP members of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA). All current RN and NP members of CARNA are eligible to apply to our charity for support of their continuing education activities. Our Charitable Grants support specialty nursing certification studies; … Continue reading "Our Mission"