September means Back to School!

At ARNET, September also means it is time for our annual DEGREE FUNDING review and funding distribution.

While it is heartening to see such an incredible increase in the number of Alberta RNs pursuing university studies, our charity is again overwhelmed by the sheer volume and amount of charitable support requested.

We want you to know that we place HIGH value on your educational pursuits and that we are doing everything in our power to RAISE MORE funding so that we can provide increased supports.

But we need YOUR help to do that because , no matter how we calculate it, we just can’t make

$1,028,148 in funding requests = $253,000 in available funds.

Help us make the math work for Alberta RNs. Donate today!



ARNET recently announced and celebrated our ARNET Class of 2018. While we applaud the academic and professional achievements of these incredible RNs, we also want to congratulate and thank the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta and at the University of Calgary for partnering with us to match the scholarship values that were awarded to their eligible students. This combined support of degree level studies clearly demonstrates their commitment to their students and the profession of nursing in Alberta.

Together we CAN do so much – thank you for your support of Alberta’s RNs!

Lethbridge Nursing Gala

Please join us elegant evening of fine dining, dancing and fundraising fun in support of nursing research critical to the Lethbridge region.

Friday May 12th, 2017 – Tickets are $100.00 each and a charitable tax receipt will be issued for 50% of the ticket purchase price.

Tickets available through our GET INVOLVED page

Special thanks to our Gala Sponsor MacLachlan McNab Hembroff   mmh-logo-color-2009

The other NP – Nurse Philanthropist. Become one today!

NURSES supporting NURSING – A tradition as old as the profession and just as important today. Becoming an ARNET MONTHLY DONOR – A way to acknowledge the mentorship and support that others have provided to your nursing career while helping others succeed in theirs. Your small monthly donation adds up to big benefits for nursing. Please consider becoming a Nurse Philanthropist today by donating to ARNET- your nursing education charity.

Dad was right- it doesn’t grow on trees!

But you CAN make money grow and that’s what ARNET does for Alberta’s registered nurses! With the generosity of our monthly donors, our charity takes lots of small donations and makes them grow into BIG benefits for Alberta RNs and the communities that they serve.

For as little as $4 each month, ARNET donors can contribute to the advanced and continuing nursing education studies that support RNs in saving and changing the lives of Albertans. For as little as $4 each month, ARNET donors can ensure that RNs have access to the latest health research and the most advanced patient care strategies in the world.

Monthly donations can be made through automatic bank withdrawal or through your credit card – it couldn’t be easier and we have a donation option that is perfect for everyone. Sign up through links on our website or contact our office at 1.800.252.9392 Ext 547.